YGM Consulting

YGM Consulting is a firm focused on providing economic empowerment to underserved and economically and financially vulnerable communities of color. YGM Consulting employs 4 tenets, 1) Exploration of economic oppression, 2) Examination of current state of economic environment for families of color, 3) Education to develop tools to navigate through personal financial insecurity 4) Elevation through workshops and programming; to build economic equity and inclusion for those who have historically been prevented from thriving economically. Our goal is to close the wealth gap by helping communities become economically resilient. We are a solution focused organization that helps organizations and individual understand the complexities that contribute to the economic inequity that exists in present day and provide recommendations to remediate years of oppression. We do this by exploring history with the intention of learning the failures and successes behind advancing sustainable growth and increasing economic power in underserved communities. One of the CDC’s social determinants of health includes economic stability and is defined to be “economic and social conditions that influence the health of people and communities.” Economic access is a determinant of success that sets the foundation for obtaining equity in other areas of health and wellness. We strive to be a part of the solution and break down barriers to creating and maintaining wealth for generations to come.